Tej Randeva

Mr Tej Randeva is the founder and CEO of the Randeva Group, responsible for monitoring and maintaining the organisation’s stellar reputation.

Mr Randeva boasts a great capacity to form successful businesses in an array of sectors and industries, having perfected his corporate style over the years.

Employing clarity and innovation in his business concepts Tej is renowned for his effective approach to new start-ups, placing heavy focus on strategic planning, establishing priorities and delegating the right tasks to the right individuals.

Possessing a belief that customer service stands at the centre of all business practice has influenced the group’s long-lived success, seeing his collection of companies reign supreme when compared to its competitors.

With a belief that his people are the heart of his enterprises the Randeva Group has evolved into an organisation bursting with attractive career paths. Whether you are interested in a position in the sales arena, media, web design or accountancy, the diversity of the Randeva corporation opens up doors for many aspiring professionals.

Tej has successfully implemented a company culture that has fed the group’s accomplishments, investing in both his ideas and his people.

Not only has Mr Randeva headed projects in transport, insurance, food, and web design but he has also become to be an investor himself, financing projects for other budding entrepreneurs.

Such endeavours have included call centres, commercial cleaning firms, music and much more.

With a strive to continue on the path to expansion Mr Randeva will ensure the Randeva Group is always making additions to its already colourful portfolio.

To speak with Tej Randeva please contact him via his LinkedIn account or on his Twitter @TejRandeva.